Miss Lili Spanish

Miss Lili teaches the Spanish language to students of all ages at preschools, middle schools, charter schools, homeschoolers and other locations in the Greater San Diego area. She also gives private, semi-private, and online lessons.

A native Mexican, Miss Lili has been teaching Spanish for over 15 years and has her California teaching credentials in Early Childhood Development as well as her B.A. in Communications. Learn more about Miss Lili and her unique Musical Spanish program for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

LAST FREE Musical Spanish class on 8/19!

When: Wednesday 8/19

Time: 3:35 pm to 4:00 pm

Age: 4 to 6 yrs old (siblings welcome)

Join Zoom Meeting:


Email me if interested. I will send you the id meeting and the password!

Online Lessons! Covid-19 Special Pricing ends in August!

1 hour via Zoom or FaceTime, only $40 or 30 minutes for $25 Limited time only. Contact me today to schedule!

Coming up! Musical Spanish Virtual

 Musical Spanish will be taught online during the school year 2020 in the following places:

Testingmom.com https://www.testingmom.com/ starts on 8/24

Commolab https://www.colabcommons.com/

Rock Creek https://www.rockcreek.education/ starts on 9/14


Private in-person Miss Lili comes to your house and tailor your lesson to best fit your personal interest. Depending on your location there might be an extra fee. Fee $60/hour.

Private virtual – Conducted through Zoom, Facetime or Skype Fee $60/hour or $40/half hour, ideal for young children.

Charter / Home school – Inspire Charter School -Miss Lili is an Inspire vendor and can provide private lessons which are fully reimbursable for your child(ren) through a charter/homeschooling program. The State of California provides homeschool grant funding through charter schools for grades Transitional Kindergarten – Grade 12. Those funds can be used with vendors such as Miss Lili. For more information on the grant funding and charter/homeschooling program visit https://inspireschools.org/

Playgroup –  Miss Lili comes to your playgroup in a house or a park.  There is a minimum of five children and a maximum of ten children. One parent coordinates and collects the funds. Minimum 8 classes of 50 minutes each. Fee: $10 per child.

Preschools -Currently on hold due to COVID 19.  If your preschool is interested in Spanish Enrichment classes please contact me via email.

Contact via email, [email protected], with your lesson interests detailing your desired times. She will get back to you soon.

Musical Spanish CD now on sale

A Cantar - Musical Spanish CD cover
Musical Spanish CD – A Cantar!

Lili teamed up with professional musician Zach David to record an album to help you and your students learn Spanish in a fun, easy way. The 16 tracks use catchy, familiar tunes as well as some new ones, with Spanish-language words. The CD includes a large booklet containing the lyrics in Spanish and English. Vocabulary is easy to hear and to follow.

An ideal CD for preschool/Kindergarten teachers as well as for parents. Songs include Greetings, Clean-Up, Wash Your Hands, the Quiet Song, and more. Learn more about the fun Musical Spanish CD.

Only $15 (+5 shipping). Pay through Venmo – @MissLiliSpanish or Zelle – [email protected]. Include your email address in the memo line to get an electronic version of the CD.

Our Story

After becoming a mom, I wanted a job that allowed me to spend time with my baby. First, I got certified to teach yoga for infants and toddlers. Then, together with a friend, we created a program called Your Brilliant Baby, which was a series of developmental courses for infants and toddlers. The most popular class was Spanish. Parents wanted classes for preschoolers as well. That’s how I started to teach Spanish at different preschools.

I learned through the years, how easy it was for children to learn Spanish with music. Not only do they learn vocabulary words, they learn complete sentences and even entire songs!. That’s how I developed the Musical Spanish™ program. I’m consistently changing and improving the program, especially after receiving my certification in Child Development.

Contact Miss Lili

If you wish to have Miss Lili visit your school, library or community center, please contact her directly at 760-943-1862.

Follow me on Facebook – facebook.com/musicalspanish/ & Instagram – @musicalspanish