What people are saying about Musical Spanish

Lili, I have been so delighted to receive your emails and hear how Bodie and now Bodie and Tess are doing in Spanish!  I really appreciate the updates.  Bodie is so happy Tess is there now and I am overjoyed!  Tess does anything Bodie does with delight and she is a little sponge – so I am so happy they are learning Spanish together!  They are both loving Spanish and very proud of what they have learned!  It’s awesome! I also appreciate the practice of reading in Spanish. 

Jenna Hermann (Bodie and Tess mom)

Lili, we are so thankful for your program. I wish the parents had a chance to sit in (especially those not yet signed up) so the adults could see the value.

Sarah-Beth Mullick (Eve’s mom)

Nosara has taken Musical Spanish several times at the YMCA. She also attends to the free Bilingual Storytime at the Library and decided to take Spanish at St. Mark even if she doesn’t come to this preschool. Nosara loves to pretend play and we play Ms. Lili and Spanish class quite a bit.

Debi Smith (Nosara’s mom)