About Miss Lili

“After becoming a mom, I wanted a job that allowed me to spend time with my baby. First, I got certified to teach yoga for infants and toddlers. Then, together with a friend, I created a program called Your Brilliant Baby which was a series of developmental courses for infants and toddlers. The most popular class was Spanish: parents wanted classes for preschoolers and that’s how I started to teach Spanish at different preschools.

I saw how easy it was for children to learn Spanish with music. Not only do they learn vocabulary words, they learn complete sentences and even entire songs! That’s how I developed the Musical Spanish™ program. I’m constantly changing and improving the program, especially after receiving my certification in Child Development.”

Miss Lili

Miss Lili began teaching Spanish in 2005 and she founded the Musical Spanish program in 2011 with a focus on toddler and preschooler immersive Spanish. While teaching her Spanish classes to preschoolers, she saw the need for educational materials and partnered with Zack David to create a unique Spanish album, ¡A Cantar!for toddlers, preschoolers, teachers and parents. Driven by demand, she continues to develop more language materials such as emotion cards and games and is constantly adding to her free resources. Above all, Miss Lili is committed to the growth of her students, teachers and families.

Miss Lili was born and raised in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. She holds a B.A. with honors in Communications from Universidad Iberoamericana. She has a teaching certificate for ESL by Colegio Miraflores and is certified to teach English as a second language. In 2015, she achieved her California teaching credentials as a site supervisor in Early Childhood Development. She has taught at preschools and charter schools throughout North San Diego County and has been teaching Spanish since 2005. Miss Lili is also child and adult CPR certified and concussion certified.

Miss Lili is happily married with two children and resides in Encinitas, California. She loves to read, write, travel (she traveled around the world with her family for a full year in 2018) and teach languages to all ages. Her true calling is engaging young brains, opening the doors to a new language and rich culture for all of her students.