Mi mejor amiga/My Best Friend - My Bilingual Book

A bilingual book about a Mexican girl named Lily who spends a year living with an American family. She becomes best friends with Emily, the daughter of the host family. She learns a new language and in the process she compares her Mexican culture to life in the US. The year is full of adventures and discoveries like camping, garage sales, and skiing. She learns that language and culture are not barriers when it comes to friendship.

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¡A Cantar! My Musical Spanish CD

A CD of 16 easy songs in Spanish and a songbook that make learning another language fun and easy! Designed especially for the young learner. Short, familiar songs such as Itsy Bitsy Spider and Clean Up Song, but with original music and sung entirely in simple, easy to hear and understand Spanish. Audio cues make singalong easy. Play them for your child or your classroom. ¡Todos a cantar!

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¡Canta y aprende español de una forma divertida!
Kids love it! Catchy, fun songs that the kids want to hear over and over! The best part is, they're learning Spanish without even knowing it. Song book helps to know what they're singing. Play it in your car, your house, or your preschool. It's a guaranteed good time!

Emotion cards

This set of 12 emotions foam faces cards that help you teach your child or student the emotions. Because each card is colored it also serves to teach colors to the child. The package comes with instructions on how to use the cards. $10